It’s not a business problem, it’s a bravery problem.

Week 4. The future of Journalism


The results are in. The media industry is going through its own Hurricane Sandy and it could spell the end of several of our most precious industries.

Newspapers, television and radio are all suffering mass losses thanks to the uncharted and rough waters of the of new and innovative medias being introduced every day.

A New York Times study from October 2012 reported that 53% of baby boomers said they read news papers however that number plummets as you ask younger generations. Only 32% of generation x read newspapers and only 22% of millennial’s said they a likely to be found perusing the pages of a hardcopy newspaper. It’s all digital now – 44% of Americans own smart phones, 22% own tablets and there digital news consumption rates have never been higher.

One could argue that the problem isn’t the digitalisation of news media, after all is that not a cheaper long term solution than printing millions of pages of newspapers every day? The environment is considering sending a thank you letter to Apple (arguably the instigator of the smart revolution) thanking it for making digital news accessible wirelessly at any time. News organisations however seem to be almost reluctant to give themselves the opportunity to innovate, research has shown that early adopters “recieve less of a benefit than later adopters do” (Lievrouw 2002, Rogers 1962, 2003). The industry are scared. Why put their already dwindling money into something that there competitors are going to benefit from more than they are? It would seem that the around large gap between the news and technology fields is becoming almost cavernous in size.


John V. Pavlik, 2013, “Innovation And The Future Of Journalism,” Digital Journalism, 1:2, 181-193,


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