Aesthetic Journalism. Turns out thats a thing.

Week 5. Aesthetic Journalism.


The old adage  goes that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force him to drink, aesthetic journalism forces people to essentially drink from the fountain of current affairs. 

We have spent the last few decades telling people that they cannot trust the media yet we demand that they be completely informed of all the issues that encompass the world around them (and the occasional international issue which is of course the latest water cooler topic at work).

Where can the people find reliable, unbiased news? Turns out they probably can’t. The idea of aesthetic journalism is giving the facts, completely raw data and leading the person to draw there own conclusions based on their ideals and past experiences. Art is also more likely to illicit an emotional response, which can be used if the artist is aiming for a reaction from the viewer.

The red shoes campaign was aiming to bring attention to the plight of domestic violence sufferers. It took red shoes (whether the creator choose red as a feminine colour, to represent blood or to show passion is an interpretive to the viewer) and placed them around Italian cities.


red shoes



The installations forced Italians to take note of the  struggle of societal culture of domestic violence and actually consider the violent suffering of the victims of violence.


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