Nothing Is Safe.

Media Spaces. Week 6.


Is it news? Is it art? Is it marketing? The entire world has become a maze for humans to wonder around aimlessly subconsciously absorbing countless different types of media is just as many forms.

Sometimes the unexpected part is the purpose of the media, a perfect example of this was the “First Kiss” video which showed people who were apparently random strangers having their first kiss. Well in the most heartbreaking turn of events, partly because I’m gulible and partly because it was just too adorable for words, it was a marketing campaign. For a clothes company. My faith in humanity has been destroyed.


Everything is marketing! Not even the art form of the short film is safe!

All of this bombardment of media issues needs to be evaluated by people in order to teach them to take everything with a grain of salt, to be highly critical of the things they are seeing and evaluate which category they fall into. As Edgar Allan Poe said “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

In teaching people to form and hold they’re own opinions you are teaching people to essentially decipher the bullshit of marketing and journalism. In this world that may be the greatest skill a person could have, to be able to look past the headline and see the objective side of something. One could argue of course that is a skill no human could ever possess because we are subjective creatures.


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