We’re All Just Faces In The Crowd.

Week 9. Race.



That was mainly for my own entertainment but I really any excuse for a little Michael Jackson!

Representation in the media will become representation in history, therefore it is important that each and every race is accurately depicted in its true light, both positive and negative, because their is no “bad race” or “bad people” but a bad action that is carried out but one or more people.

Islamaphobia is a massive issue in the current worldwide race debate, since the spat of terrorist attacks in the early ‘noughties’ many Muslim people have raised concerns about the islamaphobia that is present in todays society. The “Ban the Burqa” campaign is just one way that Islamic people that been discriminated against  in society. The racial profiling that occurs is also an issue not only in real life crime situations but in television procedural crime dramas it is often the Arab who is made to defend themselves against the assumptions of racist individuals where the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” means nothing to them.

An example of the different ideas of the representation of race in the media is Australia’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s international Black Face scandal. During a segment on the variety show performers presented a routine in which they had painted their faces black, Harry Connick Jr was a guest judge and immediately told them that in America that would be considered incredibly racist. It was picked up across the world, most notably on popular American talk show ‘The View”  with hosts raising our treatment of the Aboriginal people in the early days of settlement.




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