This is Globalised Media… Informing and Entertaining.

Week 10. Globalisation.



I am a citizen of Australia, but we are all citizens of the world. It is all of our responsibilities to ensure that the people in this world are treated justly and that they have the basic human rights that we should all be afforded, the globalisation of the media is important in ensuring that we are all informed of our international neighbours and they’re safety.

I care about refugees in Syria, I care about the future of Ukraine and Russia and I care abut the state of LGBT rights in Uganda and as citizens of the world we should all care and we should all strive to keep up to date on all the topical issues of the globe and the globalisation of news can only enhance the information we are receiving at home. But globalisation is also occurring on a much more superficial way every day. Television hits such as Game of Thrones and  Breaking Bad are airing in Australia mere moments after they finish airing in the USA, this usually means 3pm in the afternoon but that is the world we live in – if your not watching it live some idiot will most definitely ruin the ending on social media.

The glabalised world can lead to a more informed world, and it can also lead to a more entertained world with a greater expanse of viewing available for all people, Chinese dating shows, Big Brother and The Voice are all examples of television programs that are heavily globalised and reworked for different audiences throughout the world and they demonstrate how some things – such as the desire to be entertained – completely transcends cultural boundaries.


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