We’re All In This Together.

Week 11. Diasporic Media.


Last year I was walking through the streets of London, 17,000 kilometres from my home town of Sydney Australia, I had been away for just over a week and I was missing my older brothers birthday despite us having an insane sibling rivalry it felt very poignant as I realised that 17,000 kilometres away my family would be gathering without me so I did what any 19 year old would do, I found a pub that was screening the Ashes and (despite a complete lack of interest in cricket) I sat and watch Australia get beaten with 60 – 70 of my new closest friends. This connection to my homeland that I felt even while so far away highlights the importance of diasporic media. Homesickness is something that can be avoided by keeping a connection to your home alive and diasporic media can help people do that.


The Chinese community in Australia is a vibrant, and ever growing community and with them they bring a rich culture and history. Walking through the areas in which they have congregated in such as Hurstville and Chatswood the examples of dasporic media are ever present.  The diasporic media of newspapers in their native tongue is important for them to keep up with the politics of their home countries and our country that we live in together. Having newspapers available in their native tongue with stories on Australian issues as well makes it easier for people who have not been able to develop their english reading skills just yet to stay informed on the political and national issues that make up Australia’s current affairs thus making them a part of our future rather than allowing them to drop off the radio as such.




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