Gratitude Week THREE

This week I am grateful for love.

My parents went away and I came down with a ridiculously terrible bug.

I am grateful for my grandmother who looked after me and dragged me to the doctor.

I am grateful for my parents who changed their flight to look after me when the doctor suspected something serious.

I am grateful for having people in my life who love me enough to be seriously worried about me.

(I am also mildly grateful for the joy that anti-biotics and Panadol bring. )


Gratitude Week TWO

This week it was harder to see what I had to be thankful for, uni work has been piling up and I am getting more and more overwhelmed, I was pretty sure any note of gratitude would simply read:

“I am grateful this week is over.”

But I had a saving grace, a manager at work, Ali, pulled me aside and told me that he appreciated my hard work through a busy few shifts. A man whose own boss was kicking his butt over a few out of control mornings still took the time to remind me that I was appreciated.

This inspired me to write the following gratitude diary for this week:

  • I am grateful for Ali and for his constant optimism that brings a light to our workplace.
  • I am grateful for the delicious meals my mum cooked me
  • I am grateful for the friend who I bitched and moaned too about how “tough” my life was

Looking forward to a gratitude filled week three!!

Gratitude Week ONE

I sent this letter to one of my good friends. After showing it to her and seeing how happy it made her I felt amazing! Definitely inspired to keep going!

Dear Arna,

Thank you for being you and understanding my pain and frustration with uni. I actually ended up going to all of my classes today because I had talked over my issues with you and felt that you understood exactly where I was coming from just like I had wished you would.

Talking to you about how difficult today was made it a lot easier to get through the day. I didn’t feel alone because you understood me and made the day easier, I wish you would find the same outcome from our discussion. When you immediately got where I was coming from that was the moment I knew that you were 100% the right person to reach out too.

I am glad that writing a gratitude letter was randomly a task in my happiness class today because it gave me a chance to reflect on how grateful I am to have you in my life and I’m so glad there’s no bad blood.

I am so glad that we aren’t focusing on being happy but on being whole and I think that this change will allow us to become fearless. We may not be out of the woods but at least this love will have us shake it off. Now we can begin again and hopefully we stay clean and this is the last time that things get this treacherous.

In all my wildest dreams for us we end up in wonderland and it’s even sweeter than fiction. I can’t wait for us to be 22 and hopefully filled with the clarity of knowing things all too well. Everything has changed for us in the last year or two in a sad beautiful tragic way hopefully you and I can be the lucky one and get back to where we want to be, that is the state of grace.

I love you!