Bibliography For Euthanasia Short.


Gratitude Week FIVE

This week aside from being mildly grateful that this part of the assignment is over I am grateful for:

  • randomly remembering the 4 assessments due this week that I had forgotten about
  • understanding group assignment members
  • this subject – optimism has never been my strong suit but I feel like I am getting their slowly!

Gratitude Week FOUR

This week was my 21st birthday!

I’m feeling especially grateful this week for my family but I’m pretty sure I’ve thanked them every week so this week we can let it go without saying that I am incredibly grateful for my family.

  •  I am grateful for corn fritters (so delicious)
  •  I am grateful for friends who turn up to birthday dinners drunk after going to the races, because it only made me appreciate the effort she had gone too in order to even get there.
  •  I am grateful for my work friends telling me they miss having me around, nothing like an “we miss you” to make a girl feel loved!

After four weeks I am feeling more optimistic about life and finding it easier to look on the bright side of things.