Gratitude Week ONE

I sent this letter to one of my good friends. After showing it to her and seeing how happy it made her I felt amazing! Definitely inspired to keep going!

Dear Arna,

Thank you for being you and understanding my pain and frustration with uni. I actually ended up going to all of my classes today because I had talked over my issues with you and felt that you understood exactly where I was coming from just like I had wished you would.

Talking to you about how difficult today was made it a lot easier to get through the day. I didn’t feel alone because you understood me and made the day easier, I wish you would find the same outcome from our discussion. When you immediately got where I was coming from that was the moment I knew that you were 100% the right person to reach out too.

I am glad that writing a gratitude letter was randomly a task in my happiness class today because it gave me a chance to reflect on how grateful I am to have you in my life and I’m so glad there’s no bad blood.

I am so glad that we aren’t focusing on being happy but on being whole and I think that this change will allow us to become fearless. We may not be out of the woods but at least this love will have us shake it off. Now we can begin again and hopefully we stay clean and this is the last time that things get this treacherous.

In all my wildest dreams for us we end up in wonderland and it’s even sweeter than fiction. I can’t wait for us to be 22 and hopefully filled with the clarity of knowing things all too well. Everything has changed for us in the last year or two in a sad beautiful tragic way hopefully you and I can be the lucky one and get back to where we want to be, that is the state of grace.

I love you!



We’re All In This Together.

Week 11. Diasporic Media.


Last year I was walking through the streets of London, 17,000 kilometres from my home town of Sydney Australia, I had been away for just over a week and I was missing my older brothers birthday despite us having an insane sibling rivalry it felt very poignant as I realised that 17,000 kilometres away my family would be gathering without me so I did what any 19 year old would do, I found a pub that was screening the Ashes and (despite a complete lack of interest in cricket) I sat and watch Australia get beaten with 60 – 70 of my new closest friends. This connection to my homeland that I felt even while so far away highlights the importance of diasporic media. Homesickness is something that can be avoided by keeping a connection to your home alive and diasporic media can help people do that.


The Chinese community in Australia is a vibrant, and ever growing community and with them they bring a rich culture and history. Walking through the areas in which they have congregated in such as Hurstville and Chatswood the examples of dasporic media are ever present.  The diasporic media of newspapers in their native tongue is important for them to keep up with the politics of their home countries and our country that we live in together. Having newspapers available in their native tongue with stories on Australian issues as well makes it easier for people who have not been able to develop their english reading skills just yet to stay informed on the political and national issues that make up Australia’s current affairs thus making them a part of our future rather than allowing them to drop off the radio as such.



This is Globalised Media… Informing and Entertaining.

Week 10. Globalisation.



I am a citizen of Australia, but we are all citizens of the world. It is all of our responsibilities to ensure that the people in this world are treated justly and that they have the basic human rights that we should all be afforded, the globalisation of the media is important in ensuring that we are all informed of our international neighbours and they’re safety.

I care about refugees in Syria, I care about the future of Ukraine and Russia and I care abut the state of LGBT rights in Uganda and as citizens of the world we should all care and we should all strive to keep up to date on all the topical issues of the globe and the globalisation of news can only enhance the information we are receiving at home. But globalisation is also occurring on a much more superficial way every day. Television hits such as Game of Thrones and  Breaking Bad are airing in Australia mere moments after they finish airing in the USA, this usually means 3pm in the afternoon but that is the world we live in – if your not watching it live some idiot will most definitely ruin the ending on social media.

The glabalised world can lead to a more informed world, and it can also lead to a more entertained world with a greater expanse of viewing available for all people, Chinese dating shows, Big Brother and The Voice are all examples of television programs that are heavily globalised and reworked for different audiences throughout the world and they demonstrate how some things – such as the desire to be entertained – completely transcends cultural boundaries.

We’re All Just Faces In The Crowd.

Week 9. Race.



That was mainly for my own entertainment but I really any excuse for a little Michael Jackson!

Representation in the media will become representation in history, therefore it is important that each and every race is accurately depicted in its true light, both positive and negative, because their is no “bad race” or “bad people” but a bad action that is carried out but one or more people.

Islamaphobia is a massive issue in the current worldwide race debate, since the spat of terrorist attacks in the early ‘noughties’ many Muslim people have raised concerns about the islamaphobia that is present in todays society. The “Ban the Burqa” campaign is just one way that Islamic people that been discriminated against  in society. The racial profiling that occurs is also an issue not only in real life crime situations but in television procedural crime dramas it is often the Arab who is made to defend themselves against the assumptions of racist individuals where the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” means nothing to them.

An example of the different ideas of the representation of race in the media is Australia’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s international Black Face scandal. During a segment on the variety show performers presented a routine in which they had painted their faces black, Harry Connick Jr was a guest judge and immediately told them that in America that would be considered incredibly racist. It was picked up across the world, most notably on popular American talk show ‘The View”  with hosts raising our treatment of the Aboriginal people in the early days of settlement.

Oops I slipped and Showed My Inner Feminist.

Week 8. Gender.

Feminism; noun; the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 

Feminism is a dirty word. Men belittle the movement. Women refuse to be associated with it. But why? After all, being a feminist simply means that you view men and women as equal. I am a feminist. I believe that I should have the same opportunities as my brothers. I believe my being female does not make me weak, it should not make me ineligible for anything. Which is why I also believe that I should receive no special privileges for being a female. I should be afforded the same respect that would be afforded to any man.

Which is why I am disgusted when I turn the television on I see men paraded around like heroes for having sex with as many people as they like, as is their legal right but women are portrayed as, for lack of a better term, ‘sluts’ for exercising that same right to choose. Men continuously tell us that they see us as equal however why are we still receiving treatment in the media that depicts us as merely a mans sex toy. Female sexuality is so often paraded around on television for the sexual gratification of men. I can almost picture directors sitting there watching a scene play out and deciding “this scene is a little boring, she better take her top off to keep it interesting,” because obviously there is nothing the public like more than unnecessary female nudity. I am not a prude. I have no problem with nudity – when it exists to add to the storyline and not simply to attract a broader male audience.

There are strong, admirable female characters on television (shocking, yes, television producers sometimes get it right). In The Good Wife Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick a women who does not stand in the shadow of her husband and who has become a woman who is respected by everyone because of her strength as a person, her intelligence and her integrity not simply for her beauty. She is a character who is shown to be a sexual being but not degraded to seem like a slut. The world needs more female characters of Alicia Florrick’s calibre, who are portrayed as strong without being cast as a bitch.

alicia florrick

Nothing Is Safe.

Media Spaces. Week 6.


Is it news? Is it art? Is it marketing? The entire world has become a maze for humans to wonder around aimlessly subconsciously absorbing countless different types of media is just as many forms.

Sometimes the unexpected part is the purpose of the media, a perfect example of this was the “First Kiss” video which showed people who were apparently random strangers having their first kiss. Well in the most heartbreaking turn of events, partly because I’m gulible and partly because it was just too adorable for words, it was a marketing campaign. For a clothes company. My faith in humanity has been destroyed.


Everything is marketing! Not even the art form of the short film is safe!

All of this bombardment of media issues needs to be evaluated by people in order to teach them to take everything with a grain of salt, to be highly critical of the things they are seeing and evaluate which category they fall into. As Edgar Allan Poe said “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

In teaching people to form and hold they’re own opinions you are teaching people to essentially decipher the bullshit of marketing and journalism. In this world that may be the greatest skill a person could have, to be able to look past the headline and see the objective side of something. One could argue of course that is a skill no human could ever possess because we are subjective creatures.

Aesthetic Journalism. Turns out thats a thing.

Week 5. Aesthetic Journalism.


The old adage  goes that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force him to drink, aesthetic journalism forces people to essentially drink from the fountain of current affairs. 

We have spent the last few decades telling people that they cannot trust the media yet we demand that they be completely informed of all the issues that encompass the world around them (and the occasional international issue which is of course the latest water cooler topic at work).

Where can the people find reliable, unbiased news? Turns out they probably can’t. The idea of aesthetic journalism is giving the facts, completely raw data and leading the person to draw there own conclusions based on their ideals and past experiences. Art is also more likely to illicit an emotional response, which can be used if the artist is aiming for a reaction from the viewer.

The red shoes campaign was aiming to bring attention to the plight of domestic violence sufferers. It took red shoes (whether the creator choose red as a feminine colour, to represent blood or to show passion is an interpretive to the viewer) and placed them around Italian cities.


red shoes



The installations forced Italians to take note of the  struggle of societal culture of domestic violence and actually consider the violent suffering of the victims of violence.